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Real Estate, Conveyancing & Property Law

We offer legal services in all aspects of real estate, conveyancing and property law. Our lawyers posses a wealth of knowledge and experience in handling these kinds of transactions. We advice on property acquisitions and development, rights and interests in real estate and property, due diligence and registration. We assist our clients in drafting and review of conveyancing instruments and documentation such as leases, sales agreements, mortgages, charges, power of attorney et al. We are also engaged in the preparation and perfection of securities such as charges over land, fixed and floating debentures, liens, deeds of assignments, deeds of guarantee and indemnity and subordination agreements

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We provide specialized and quality legal advice and services on issues of litigation and dispute resolution arising from various areas of the law. These include appearance before all classes of courts in Magistrate Courts, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court to act for clients in matters such as breach and enforcement of contracts, torts, recovery proceedings, bankruptcy, negligence and personal injury claims. We also appear for our clients before arbitrators and relevant tribunals. Litigation is an unpleasant experience and our lawyers constantly evaluate each case on its own merit to ensure the best outcome for our clients. Our lawyers are equipped with vast knowledge, experience and training to effectively attend to our client's best interests. They are equipped with excellent investigative skills and are extremely resourceful in locating requisite evidence to solve claims.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Our lawyers provide a wide range of corporate and commercial legal services to a diverse client base. Our corporate and commercial practice is broad in scope as it relates to such practice areas such as formation and incorporation of companies, investments, restructuring, mergers and acquisition, legal compliance and funding. In this respect, we have retained an array of clients from start-ups to international corporations. We have been involved in acting for and providing legal advisory for funding, investment, private equity and joint venture transactions and assisted our clients in structuring and reviewing transactional instruments such as convertible notes, SAFEs, master loan agreements, shareholder agreements, share subscription agreements, share purchase agreements, term sheets, pre and post money valuation evaluations, and due diligence checklist. We also offer consultancy services to foreign companies seeking to invest and establish business in Kenya.

Employment and Labour Relations

The firm advises its clients on the legal aspects of employment and labour law to ensure full compliance with all applicable laws and provisions. We further represent our clients' matters of breach of the employment law. Our services in this category include representation in the labour court, advise on termination of employment and on retrenchment and rationalizations, drafting of employment contracts with respect to unions on behalf of our clients. Our group of lawyers also advice on labour implications of mergers and acquisitions on the employees, advises clients on employment, industrial, labour and other service law issues. This includes advice on terms of appointment and conditions of service, transfer, layoff, retrenchment, discharge or dismissal of employees and structuring of voluntary retirement schemes, employee stock options etc.

Debt Collection

Our firm is composed of lawyers who are highly skilled in negotiating the interests and claims of our clients. Our debt collection practice has achieved very good results owing to the recovery methods we employ. We approach each case as unique, thus we formulate an ethical and legal strategy, which is appropriate in each circumstance. We settle claims amicably before bringing the matter before a judicial forum, which we believe should be the last recourse to avail. For us no client or debt is too small or too big. We specialize in recovering both commercial and personal debts. Considering the nature of the action involved our lawyers handle each case with high degree of sensitivity and utmost confidentiaity. We ensure protection of credit records, regularly update our clients on the process of their claims, and see to it that things are all taken within the bounds of the law.

Tax Law

We understand the legal intricacies of the Kenyan tax regime. Our firm is well versed in the tax field of Transfer Pricing, Income Tax, Tax Procedures, filing of cases to the tax tribunal, custom and excise laws, capital gains and corporate tax. Our firm represents the interests and defend the rights of taxpayers faced with tax audit, represent the taxpayer in lawsuits in the tribunal and in the High Court. Represent and defent taxpayers being criminally prosecuted for tax related charges.

Intellectual Property

We recognize the true value of your intellectual property assets, your ideas and your future. Enabling you to focus on your business, your brand and the difference you make. Our expertise helps you to protect your intellectual property portfolio and enforce your intellectual property rights worldwide. You'll put your intellectual property in the safe hands of specialist lawyers who cut their teeth at the forefront of pioneering technology and in well-known, intellectual property rich companies. So you'll always have access to a team rich in real world experience - and real industry insight.

Probate, Succession, and Trusts

Disposition of one's property after death can preserve assets and benefit the surviving family members. Upon the death of the decesed persons, their debts are paid and their assets are distributed in accordance with their wishes. We assist our clients in making wise decisions in their wills and succession decisions that will benefit their family members. Succession can be simple or complex depending on the circumstances. The lawyers in our firm advise and handle all types of succession matters to ensure that the deceased estate is preserved, including their assets and those of their families as well as reflecting their true wishes. In particular under probate and succession we deal with matters that include wills, trusts and administration.

Family Law

On matters of family, family being the heart of our society, our group of advocates are equipped with vast knoowledge in family law matters. We represent clients undergoing divorce proceedings and judicial separation, custody of children and their support and adoption and general matters touching on family law.